Care must be taken in homes to protect against the corona virus: Deputy Commissioner

Publish Date : 16/04/2020

The government has imposed a curfew on the prevention of Corona virus so that people can stay in their homes and avoid the Corona virus. People are advised not to leave the home without emergency situations, but at the same time staying at home we must be vigilant so that we can keep our family members as safe as possible. Disclosing this here, Deputy Commissioner Arvind Pal Singh Sandhu said that when a person comes back to the house for some reason, he should not touch anything in the house.
He said that the person concerned should change their clothes and put separate clothes for washing the clothes already worn. He said that the bag, purse, keys etc. should be kept in a separate container as soon as it comes inside the house so that it does not come into contact with other items in the house. He said that bathing can be disinfected so it is necessary to bathe. If you do not take bath due to vices, especially your hands and neck should be thoroughly washed.
He also said that it is also important that the mobile phones and glasses are disinfected with hot soapy water spray or alcohol. After that your hands should also be thoroughly cleaned. “Of course, it is not possible to disinfect everything but adhering to the safety guidelines we can avoid bringing the virus home,” he said.