Mission to keep children’s health care under healthy Punjab- De-Warming Day – Dr. Naresh Kansar

The Directorate of Family Welfare, Punjab, Dr. Ramesh, during the National De-Warming Day (Remediation day from stomach worms) being celebrated by Health Department under the Mission Healthy Punjab by the state government. Naresh Kansar reached here at the Sarv Hitkar Vidya Mandir School. On this occasion, he said that the stomach worm prevents the physical and mental development of the child. Due to this, obesity tablets are very important for the abdominal pests.
Explaining further, the Director Dr. Kansar said that the purpose of D-Warming Day is to eliminate stomach worms in children under which almondazol pills are given to stomach worms to children from 1 to 19 years of age. He said that to eliminate stomach pandemic in children, all government and government-aided, private schools, registered children of Anganwari centers and school-going children were given dose of Albandanzol for stomach worms.
On this occasion, the civil surgeon Dr. Hans Raj informed that the children should wash their hands with soap in their hands before eating it to avoid stomach disorders, fruits and food items should always be cleaned, children should cut their nails. And sometimes children should not walk barefoot and use clean toilets in schools and homes. He said that those children who were deprived of eating the bullets for any reason, would be given this dose on 17th August 2018 on the mop-up day day.
On this occasion, District Mass Media Officer, Mr. Anil Dhamu, DPM. Mr. Rajesh Kumar, BEE S. Harmeet Singh, Principal Madam Madhu Sharma, Madam Sukhjinder Kaur and school staff were present.

Following are the details of the venue:

  • Date: 10/08/2018 - 10/08/2018