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06 June 1939

A mixture of Mughal’s empire British India and Vastu Kala based, artistically constructed clock tower in the center of the city Fazilka, known as Bangla in old times has turned 79 years old June 6. The construction of 95 feet high monument was started in 1936 and completed on June 6, 1939. The original name of this historical building is Ram Narayan Ghantaghar which was dedicated to the public by Seth Shopat Rai Pediwal Rai Sahib Madan Gopal Pediwal. It was president over by ICS commissioner, Jalandhar Division MA PCS. At that time, SDM was Rai Sahib Lila Dhar Vidhyadhar and Municipal Council President, Seth Shyopat Rai.

The Ghantaghar (Clock Tower) has four gates on all the directions and the inauguration board is also in four languages. It has 82 stairs to reach to the top and there is a clock on all the four sides having the machine in the center. It has an important place in the development of the Fazilka. City. The successful agitation to form the Fazilka as district headquarters was also started from this place. Moreover, it is a winess to all revolutions and struggles for the welfare of the city. Its council is pending a lot of money to keep beatify this monument keeps the morale of the citizens high. But the people of the city are not taking care of its cleanliness. Some citizens misuse the building, in the shadow of darkness, which gives a foul smell and certain social organizations deface the building by pasting the handbills on the walls.

On its 79th birthday, the citizens of Fazilka salute to its founder and congratulate the Municipal Council to look after for its maintenance.


How to Reach:

By Air

Fazilka's nearest airport is Sri Guru Ramdas Ji International Airport, Amritsar, which is approximately 200 km from Fazilka and other domestic airports like Bathinda Airport (90 km) and Ludhiana Airport (234 km).

By Train

The nearest railway station from Fazilka Clock Tower is Fazilka railway station which is app 1Km away from clock tower.

By Road

The nearest bus stand from Fazilka Clock Tower is Fazilka bus stand which is app 1Km away from clock tower.